Dr Robert Schug

Dr. Robert Schug is a neurocriminologist and clinical psychologist specializing in the biology and psychology of the criminal mind. A true “criminal mind scientist,” his research focuses on understanding the relationship between extreme forms of psychopathology and antisocial, criminal, and violent behavior from a biopsychosocial perspective—with the application of advanced neuroscience techniques from areas such as neuropsychology, psychophysiology, and brain imaging. 


Ph.D. in Psychology (Clinical Neurosciences), along with a doctoral respecialization in Clinical Psychology and extensive clinical training as a Forensic Psychologist working with jail inmates, outpatient sex offenders on parole/Federal probation, as well as State hospital forensic psychiatric inpatients who have been found Incompetent to Stand Trial or Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

Dr. Schug is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and is on the Los Angeles Superior Court  Approved Panel of Psychiatrists and Psychologists.  He maintains a private practice that focuses on forensic assessment.