The Host

Lowell Brillante host of prodigy

Lowell Brillante

Hey! I’m Lowell Brillante, creator and host of Prodigy. I sincerely hope you’re enjoying the show. Here’s a little about me.

I’m 35 years old and live in Decatur (town in Atlanta) with my dog Ender. She likes to bark at small children and murder stuffed animals.

I really enjoy cooking. I’ve got some broth on the stove right now for tonkatsu ramen. Definitely a bit of a homebody. The pandemic is awful in so many ways but I appreciate working from home.

I grew up in Charlotte NC with 2 older siblings and 2 very sweet Sicilian parents that will gladly make you as many espressos as you want.

I graduated from UNC-Charlotte. Spent about 5 years doing freelance video production then another 5 at an agency in Atlanta. I was looking to switch jobs and was lucky enough to know a famous podcaster when their company was hiring producers.

I’ve worked on a bunch of shows from Katie Couric to Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe to Part-Time Genius.

Once I got the hang of producing I wanted to develop my own show which eventually turned into Prodigy. I didn’t originally plan on being the host as well but it was easier to bootstrap it that way.

Talent is a really interesting subject to me. I never felt like I was especially talented in any specific area, but if interest is any indication then it would be podcasting, which I only discovered recently.

I also found books like “talent is overrated” interesting due to the idea of creating prodigies. However when I really thought about the concept, I felt like there were big gaps in the argument.

You don’t even need data and examples, if everyone is different then some people must be better suited for certain things.

I always felt like I was smart but lacked an ability to focus. 7 months ago I was officially diagnosed with adhd (the inattentive type). 

Wait, what were we talking about?

Jk, anyway understanding my diagnosis and proper medication really helped me focus on making this show a reality. It’s been a massive challenge for me and one that I still struggle with every single day, but it’s given me something that I often felt was lacking in my life, a sense of purpose.

Throughout my research, one thing I’ve learned that I think is really important is the benefit of feedback. I want your feedback on how I can make the show better. If you’re reading this final line, thank you so much for your interest and please reach out. I’d love to hear from you!