The Show

Prodigy is a podcast about human intelligence, skill acquisition and expert performance.

These are the people (and dog) that made it possible

Lowell Brillante

Creator and Host

Tyler Klang

Executive Producer

Ender Waggins

Ender Waggin

Associate Borker


Pam Peacock

Graphic Designer

How Prodigy was born

My original interest in prodigies was sparked 10 years ago. I was a videographer at the time and filming a sales trainer motivating employees at a mattress store. He was professing the power of practice he had learned about in the book, “Talent is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin. I found the concept very interesting and picked up a copy.

The basic premise of the book is that inherent talent (genetic predisposition) doesn’t matter. What does matter is practice. One of the examples used is the Polgar sisters. Laszlo’s belief that prodigies are created was extremely appealing to me.

Any child is a potential genius if you train them from an early age? 

Fast forward 10 years.

I got into podcasting and wanted to develop my first show. Since Prodigies were a subject matter I was really interested in I figured others would be too. So I put a pitch together.

Tyler Klang is the executive producer for the slate of shows my team works on. He’s one of those genuinely nice people that everyone likes. He facilitated the development and execution of Prodigy. Without him the podcast just wouldn’t have happened.

The original idea was to make each episode about a different prodigy. I made a pilot I could include with the pitch deck and we sent it upstairs. The pilot was a short story of the Polgar sisters. 

We got the greenlight! Then I needed to make the pilot into the first episode…

Over the course of 20+ interviews the show evolved into something completely different. I don’t want to give away too much but I think you’ll enjoy it!

Season 2

This season of Prodigy is a bit different. Any psychological topic is on the table, and I have a bunch of really interesting episodes for you. Several are related to cybersecurity because it’s something I’ve become really interested in. Especially penetration testing and social engineering. 

I’m also doing an updated ADHD episode. The first one got such strong feedback and even had listeners get diagnosed from it. I’m recording an episode next week about whether or not these UFO sightings are aliens (spoiler they aren’t) but I have a believer coming on to make his argument. 

Covering narcissism which is a fascinating subject. I think we’ve all experienced at least one in our life. Lucid dreaming which is the ability to control your dreams. And a bunch of other really interesting topics. I hope you enjoy it!